Whether you are interested in science or not, but when the word alien is overheard you definitely keep your eyes and ears open. Yes, it is true that everyone on this earth is keen about any kind of information or fact on aliens. While many active UFO organizations located in the world (US, France, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Turkey) work for the common motive of studying aliens, China wants to lead the race by its invention of building the world’s biggest radio telescope.

China is scrabbling ahead of all in the race to discover alien life. Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) is the size of 30 football fields. Because of its sheer size, it will be able to pick on the very weaker signals from terrestrial bodies that others miss. It has been cleaved out of highland in the southwestern area of Guizhou. It is believed that telescope’s wider display will be able to collect more radio waves as compared to others like Europe’s which is 100 meters (328 feet), a fifth of the size of FAST.

The amount spent on building such a gigantic radio telescope is around 1.2-billion yuan ($180 million/£135 million). This will make them a global leader for the next one or two decades. This telescope took five years to build and started its operations in September 2016. The enormous dish replicates the waves and centers them onto transmitters. The telescope was built by the Zheng Xiaonian, deputy head of the National Astronomical Observation under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

With only one town in the 12 miles (19km) extent, the Dawodang decline is really inaccessible from magnetic commotions. The aloofness of the place also guards the neighboring countryside against any loss. China is aiming very high by its huge invention and its emerging space program has become the topmost priority for the country to call itself as a space power. By calculating radio waves, astrophysicists can study phenomena like pulsars, black holes, and quasars – all of which naturally emit radio waves.

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Though China has also ramped up for the SETI research along with other nations worldwide, its ambition of putting a man on the moon by 2036 and creating a space station work has by now started. They acknowledge these developments for peaceful purposes, but few nations doubt their activities.