You might not know that the information that we see on the Google or Firefox browsers is just the tiny portion of the web. One would take an entire life’s time to have some of the knowledge about the worldwide web, and till you reach the half of the elements, new content would have been uploaded for you to start over again. The World Wide Web is such a huge turf that it will take ages to just look at the tip of the gigantic iceberg. Deep Web and Dark Web are the hidden elements of this iceberg.

Now let’s see how this world wide web is divided and what is this fuss about the “Deep and Dark Web.” First comes the surface web world whose data is visible to our naked eyes via regular search engines like Google, Firefox, IE, Bing, etc. Next comes the deep web that has 90% of that information that is not seen by the surface web crawlers. This information is related to social media accounts, medical records, financial info, scientific and legal reports, academic data, multilingual databases, etc. which is not readily available till browsed.

Now the last but the most hidden layer is of the dark web where even the deep web technologies cannot intervene. A smaller amount of wicked info that scans the surface of the Dark Web, in a zone called the Deep Web. This info belongs to big corporates or governments and are not ever shared to the public, such as remedial records, government tittle-tattles, monetary accounts and such. These are kept away from search engines and behind robust firewalls to defend them.

Though there are many bizarre and perilous things hanging around in there, one can still access the Deep Web via Tor. This is an un-indexed portion of the web for which you need to install and configure the Tor browser. Tor browser will establish a secure connection, and then you need to find the URL of a deep website. There are few directories like .onion and hiddenwiki for the beginners to browse the deep web hosted sites.

deep web

However, not all links on the deep web are safe and carry lots of potential risks. Also, never download any pdf files or executable files from this intense web as they have dicey viruses for your PC. For safe browsing, you just need to change your device settings like turning on Firewall, turning off cookies and JavaScript in your Tor browser, exit all apps that use the internet and switching off your PC camera. These tips will help you to somewhat dive into the deep web vigilantly.